"We make Carpet Happy"

Basic Carpet Cleaning Service

$99 5 rooms
$89 4 rooms
$79 3 rooms
$69 2 rooms
$59 1 room

Our basic service includes*:

  • Emulsifier Pre-spray
  • Fresh water extraction

The results are in. The DriMasters™ revolutionary Jetless Cleaning Technology cleans faster, better and leaves the carpet 6 times drier than the same carpet cleaned with a scrub wand.

  • The rotary DriMaster leaves carpet 85% dryer than traditional wand cleaning.
  • The rotary DriMaster prevents over wetting which is the cause of carpeting browning and wick-back of stains.
  • Wand = 1 stroke per pass. DriMaster = 600 revolutions per minute that lift and clean every carpet fiber resulting in a true DEEP cleaning.

For Happy Carpet…Demand the Rotary DriMaster! Your carpet will thank you.

Rotary DriMaster Demo

*basic service does not include stain removal or extra services that may be needed. Room size = 15x15 (225sqft). Additional charge for oversize or combination rooms. $24 for each addl' room over 5. Stairs are extra charge. Additional services will be quoted onsite. Ask your technician for details.